Recipient Rights

Recipients of mental health, wellness, and recovery services through Pivotal and its providers have legal rights guaranteed by Michigan’s Mental Health Code. These rights are outlined in a booklet entitled Your Rights, which clients receive when they begin receiving services.

You, as a recipient of community mental health services, have the right to:

• Be free from abuse and neglect.
• Be treated with dignity and respect.
• Have your confidentiality upheld.

The Office of Recipient Rights (ORR) strives to ensure the protection of recipients’ rights in various ways, including training, contract/policy development, service site assessments and complaint resolution. If a Pivotal customer believes their rights have been violated during the course of their mental health services, a complaint can be filed with the ORR.

Complaints may be filed in person, through the mail, or by telephone. Complaint forms are contained within the Your Rights booklet, and they are also available throughout Pivotal office locations.

Once a complaint is reviewed by ORR staff, the person making the complaint will be notified in writing what action will be taken.  If necessary, the complaint may be investigated. Under certain circumstances, the complainant may appeal the outcome of an investigation, and ORR staff will assist in the appeal process upon request. The Pivotal Office of Recipient Rights can be reached at:

Mike Sidener
Phone: 269-467-1001, ext. 412